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Galway City Celebrates Africa Day 2020 Virtually

Galway City Celebrates Africa Day 2020 Virtually

Despite the postponement of funded events due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, Galway City Council in partnership with the Africa Day Team at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are planning to celebrate the day virtually, on both local and national social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Over the past two months, we have all seen a tremendous flourishing in creativity online as people seek to connect with others and express themselves despite current restrictions. We think Africa Day is a wonderful opportunity to showcase such creative contributions from the local community groups that we have engaged with over the years as part of the Africa Day celebrations.

Given the community based nature of the celebration, Galway City Council invited members of these local community groups to create short pieces of content, reflecting on the types of events that were originally proposed which will be shared across the local and national Africa Day social media channels.

The Galway African Diaspora is organising Africa Day 2020 with a difference, with renowned African DJ Wally celebrating this event. He is coming together with the great DJ Will Softly for a live stream celebration of African culture via their Facebook page. If you love all things African, if you love the African rhythm and the vibe, join DJ Wally featuring DJ Will Softly on Saturday 23rd May 2020 from 2pm – 6pm on 

African United Galway (AUG) have planned a virtual celebration of Africa Day 2020 by recording a series of messages of support from people of various regions of Africa living in Galway. The messages will be spoken in their native languages whilst wearing traditional clothing. The theme is a message of 'Hope, Togetherness and Unity'. The virtual celebration will run from 10am - 9pm on Mon 25th May. There will also be a skills presentation online including a cooking demonstration, Gele Tying, a make-up demonstration and hair braiding, as well as a singing and dancing presentation. The clip will be available to view on  and also across Galway City Councils social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.

Africa Day falls on 25th May each year. It is an initiative of the African Union, and aims to celebrate African diversity and success and the cultural and economic potential of the continent. The above events can also be viewed and enjoyed on