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Demolition Orders Issued On Three Sites In Galway City

Demolition Orders Issued On Three Sites In Galway City

In good news for local communities, demolition works are underway (or soon will be) on three sites in the city: the former Corrib Great Southern Hotel on the Dublin Road, the former Connacht laundry site in St. Helen’s Street, and the former Oasis site in Salthill.

These works will be the culmination of significant effort by the Environment Department of Galway City Council to reduce dereliction across the city and will be welcomed by local area residents, elected representatives and the wider community.

A significant objective of the Council’s Environment Department work programme for 2020 is to successfully address number of key derelict sites and reduce dereliction throughout the City.

In the past year Galway City Council issued Statutory Orders to the registered owners of three sites using their powers under the Derelict Sites 1990. The Orders require the demolition of the buildings to ground level and stipulate that works must be completed within a specified time frame.

Former Corrib Great Southern Hotel, Dublin Road, Galway

Galway City Council have recently agreed a demolition plan with the owners of the former Corrib Great Southern Hotel and it is anticipated that the demolition will commence in early December. The Council will continue to monitor the site while the works are on-going.  Currently there are no further agreed plans for the site beyond the demolition and clearance of the site. Any future development of the site will be subject to the planning Process. It is anticipated that works will take approximately 4 months.

Former Connacht laundry site, St. Helen’s Street, Galway

Galway City Council issued a Section 11 demolition notice to the owners of Connacht Laundries in June 2020. After extensive consultation a demolition and waste management plan was agreed prior to works commencing. Demolition works are nearing completion and will be substantially completed by December, 2020.

Former Oasis site at 152, 154 & 156 Salthill Road Upper, Salthill, Galway.

This property has recently been acquired by a new owner. Galway City Council following engagement with the new owner has issued a Section 11 demolition notice and are currently awaiting receipt of documentation for approval by the Council before any demolition commences.

Derelict Sites Register

There are currently 16 properties on the Derelict Sites Register with another 50 sites actively monitored by the Environment Department. Discussions remain on-going with owners where possible to address the dereliction, and to prevent the sites being entered on the Register. The Council will also consider other statutory options available under the derelict sites legislation including Compulsory Purchase where appropriate.  Where a site or property is no longer considered derelict, following completion of required works, the site is removed from the Derelict Sites register.

Derelict Site Levies

Valuations on properties have taken place and Section 22 notices have issued advising the owner of the market value and the potential 7% levy that may apply. In 2019 a total of €123,900 was levied on owners of derelict sites. These levies are being pursued by the Debt Collection Unit as they remain unpaid. Levies for 2020 are being applied to properties where no works are being carried out.

The Environment Department will continue to implement the legislation, follow up with property owners increasing the number on the Derelict Sites Register and apply levies as appropriate. The Council is willing to engage with all owners of identified derelict sites. Contact for the Council is 091-536400 – Environment Department and/or