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Be Part of the Solution not Part of the Pollution: Galway City Council launches a major campaign on cleaning up our city

Be Part of the Solution not Part of the Pollution: Galway City Council launches a major campaign on cleaning up our city


Stage 1: How to dispose of bulky waste during Level 5 lockdown.

During Level 5 of COVID-19 restrictions, with so many people at home, many Galwegians have been giving their houses an early spring clean.  Galway City Council want to remind people of the legal and safe ways to dispose of your bulky goods waste and avoid using bogus waste collectors.

The Environmental Awareness Officer for Galway City Council commented:

“Galway City Council is urging everyone, do not use the ‘man in the van’ for your bulky waste collection unless they have a valid waste collection permit (see above example). It is the responsibility of the waste generator to ensure the waste collector they engage with is compliant. A person could be fined up to €3,000 for using an unauthorised waste collector.’’

To check if they have a valid waste collection permit, a householder needs to contact the National Waste Collection Permit Office on 057 9373710 or email All permitted waste collectors are required to mark their vehicles with their waste collection permit details and carry a copy of their waste collection permit.’’

The Environmental Awareness Officer added:

 “In many cases, household waste from an unauthorised waste collector can end up in beauty spots in and around Galway City, such as our forests, beaches and parks. It can also end up near homes or estates and for those living nearby it’s really devastating to come across it. There is also the huge environmental cost on our local nature and biodiversity.’’

To dispose of your waste legally, Galway City Council is still operating the bulky goods collection service. It is a service intended for householders who wish to dispose of individual household items such as furniture or large electrical items. For a small fee, Council staff collect everything from old sofas to T.V’s to trampolines from outside your property. For a full list of what can be collected visit: .Please contact Galway City Council on 091536400 to arrange collection.

If you are thinking of throwing something out why not give it to someone else? is a not for profit website which connects people who are throwing stuff out with those that want to give it a new home. All you need to do is register at, link in with the Galway section, put your item on the list and someone could come and take it away for free.


Your Checklist:

· You are responsible for the waste you generate

· Do not use the ‘man in the van’ unless they have a valid waste collection permit

· If you are not sure about the permit check it out at

· Use the Galway City Council Bulky Goods Collection Service

· Try recycling at – your junk may be someone’s treasure

We all need to do our bit to make Galway an even better place to live. Galway City Council is actively working with Waste Collection services, local communities and Government in tackling our litter and waste issues. We are asking the public to report illegal dumping by contacting Galway City Council on 091-536400 or by email at 

For further information on any of your litter and waste queries visit: