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‘Be Part of the Solution not Part of the Pollution’: Galway City Council’s campaign on cleaning up our City

‘Be Part of the Solution not Part of the Pollution’: Galway City Council’s campaign on cleaning up our City

Stage 2: Can you provide evidence of a waste collection service or landfill receipts?

We know the majority of our population are waste compliant but unfortunately there are some that are not. As part of our commitment to tackling the issue of illegal dumping in the city, we now want to ensure that householders and businesses are aware of their obligations when it comes to waste compliance, as well as targeting illegal waste practices taking place in the city.

New Waste Presentation Bye-Laws, which came into effect in February 2019, state that all Galway City residents and businesses are now required by law to:

- Show paper or electronic proof that they avail of a regular bin collection service by an authorised waste collector.

- If an authorised waste facility is used, then proof of receipts are required.

- Finally, if a bin is shared with a neighbour, proof of the sharing arrangement will be required.

Failure to show evidence that you use a legal waste disposal option could mean a €75 on the spot fine. Failure to comply may also lead to a fine on conviction of up to €2,500.

Galway City Council have created a register of households availing of a waste collection service- becoming only the second Local Authority in the country to do so, after Sligo County Council. Information requested from the four waste collectors operating in the city includes full addresses. The properties were then mapped with Eircodes and matched with the city’s Geodirectory to form an electronic register. There will be continuous monitoring and updating of data on a quarterly basis following receipt of waste collector’s returns. The creation of the register was implemented under Section 34C of the Waste Management Act 1996 as amended.  By maintaining a register of addresses, using information received from authorised waste collectors, this will allow Galway City Council to strengthen its enforcement procedures relating to illegal dumping.

The Senior Engineer for the Environment & Climate Change Department at Galway City Council, commented:

"We are grateful to all the responsible businesses and householders who do the right thing for their communities and environment.  By being part of the solution, not part of the pollution, means we all are working together to keep Galway clean and green.’’

Galway City Council will now target specific areas to roll out a pilot campaign for the enforcement of the Waste Bye-Laws. Areas will be chosen where there are high levels of complaints of illegal dumping and all householders in the area will be asked to provide proof that they dispose of their waste legally. For those who remain non-compliant, a fine of €75 will be issued under the Segregation, Storage and Presentation of Household and Commercial Waste Bye-laws 2019 together with further legal action which could lead to a fine or conviction of up to €2,500. Galway City Council is working with the community to deal with the source of illegal waste problems.

Your Checklist for Stage 2

- Can you show proof of a regular bin collection service by an authorised waste collector?

- Can you show receipts if an authorised waste facility is used?

- Can you show ‘proof of agreement’, if your bin is shared with a neighbour.


We will be checking your area soon.

Your data will be stored and processed in line with Galway City Council’s Data Protection Guidelines under GDPR.

Remember: Be part of the Solution not part of the Pollution

We are asking the public to report illegal dumping by contacting Galway City Council on 091-536400 or by email at 

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