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Galway City Council waives fees for Tables and Chairs Licences for Hospitality Sector for 2021

Galway City Council waives fees for Tables and Chairs Licences for Hospitality Sector for 2021

Galway City Council will waive fees for Tables and Chairs Licences for the hospitality sector to the end of 2021, to facilitate businesses to operate under social distancing guidelines as the sector reopens. The waiver applies to both temporary licences introduced by Galway City Council in response to Covid-19, where road space was reallocated to facilitate social distancing; and to established licences in place under planning legislation, such as on Shop Street or Quay Street. 

Speaking about the extension, Brian Barrett, Director of Services for Economic Development in Galway City Council, commented, “The hospitality sector in Galway City has been particularly harshly impacted by Covid-19. This sector brings vitality, services, and jobs to the City, and makes a very significant contribution to the local economy. Our restaurants, cafes and pubs will play an important role in the recovery of the tourism and retail sector in challenging times ahead. As part of Galway City Council’s on-going package of supports for the local business sector, it has been agreed to waive fees for both the temporary and S.254 licences issued under the planning code until the end of 2021. New licence applications that meet the criteria are welcome, and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.”

Galway City Council operates two licence structures for tables and chairs in public places. The first licence is granted on an annual basis as a ‘Section 254’ licence under planning legislation, where the proposal meets the specified criteria. The second licence was introduced on a temporary basis by Galway City Council under Roads legislation in response to Covid-19.  This licence facilitates businesses to avail of ‘new’ public realm created through reallocation of road space for pedestrian use to assist social distancing. These licences were originally introduced on a three-month basis in summer 2020, and have been extended as Covid restrictions remained in place.

For businesses which currently have tables and chairs in place through a Section 254 licence, fees will be waived through a free licence extension to the end of 2021. Normal terms and conditions of the Section 254 licence will apply, including the requirement to renew applications as they expire, maintain the appropriate public liability insurance policy etc.

Temporary Tables and Chairs Licenses will be considered for businesses whose primary use is for the selling of food/ drink, which already provide seating and tables inside the premises, and on the ground floor, for this purpose, and do not already hold a Section 254 licence. Such businesses can apply for a short-term Covid-19 Licence, with no charge for the duration of licence under Section 71 of the Roads Act provided they meet the criteria.  This short term licence will operate until the end of 2021. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis, with respect to the impact of the licence on neighbouring properties and the operation of the street; queuing of customers; and the safe passage of pedestrians and mobility impaired.

Application Form: Temporary Covid Street Furniture Permit Application Form March 2021.pdf

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