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Are you waste compliant?

Are you waste compliant?

Can you provide evidence of a waste collection service or receipts from an authorised waste facility?

Under the Galway City Council (Segregation, Storage and Presentation of Household and Commercial Waste) Bye Laws 2019, all holders of waste must have an authorised waste collection service or dispose of their waste at an authorised waste facility.

All Galway City residents and businesses are now required by law to:

1.      Show paper or electronic proof of a regular bin collection service by an authorised waste collector.

2.      Show proof of receipts if waste is brought directly to an authorised waste facility.

3.      Show proof of a sharing arrangement if bins are shared with a neighbour or family member.

Galway City Council has recently created a register of households availing of a waste collection service and is currently writing to households in the city, requesting information on how they dispose of their waste. If you receive a letter, you must advise Galway City Council how you are disposing of your waste following the instructions in the letter.

Failure to show evidence that you use a legal waste disposal option could mean a €75 on the spot fine or a fine on conviction of up to €2,500.

Let’s be part of the solution, not part of the pollution!

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