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Mayor of Galway City commemorates lives lost to COVID-19

Mayor of Galway City commemorates lives lost to COVID-19

Prior to the Galway City Mayor’s Awards on Wednesday 26th May, the Mayor of Galway City, Cllr. Mike Cubbard unveiled a plaque and planted a memorial native Cherry tree in Children’s Millennium Park in memory of those lost to COVID-19 and in recognition of our frontline services.

The delicate white pink flowers of our native Wild Cherry (Crann silíní fiáin / Prunus avium) appear in spring, coinciding with the timing of the hard lockdowns in 2020 & 2021. Each year the flowers will help us to remember those that were lost during this time and represent the resilience of our essential and frontline workers and the hope they inspired in everyone thanks to their sacrifice.

Mayor Cubbard commented:

“COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on individuals, families and friends right across Ireland for over a year now – including here in Galway - and this tree is a lasting tribute to remember those we have sadly lost.

Things might have been a lot worse, if not for the tireless work of our frontline heroes, who have worked round-the-clock to protect the most vulnerable members of our society and continue to do so with the rollout of the vaccine and this tree is also a mark of grateful appreciation to them.”

This tree will serve as a reminder for generations to come to reflect on the incredibly challenging period faced by the entire world and hopefully be of some comfort to those who have been affected and lost loved ones during this pandemic.