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Galway City Council trials measures for an outdoor summer

Galway City Council trials measures for an outdoor summer

Galway City Council is developing trial initiatives in a number of areas to facilitate an outdoor summer by improving our public spaces and increasing the space to facilitate businesses in the city that have re-opened and will be reopening further for outdoor dining from Monday, June 7th.

These developments will create attractive, co-ordinated and managed areas within the city for the public to enjoy. Phase 1 of our trial initiatives will see outdoor spaces created in Middle Street, Woodquay, Raven Terrace and Salthill.

Areas are being created in these spaces that will facilitate businesses for outdoor dining but will also be developed further in the next phases with additional urban animation measures that will encourage families to safely and comfortably dine, enjoy and spend time in the public realm.

Proposals for areas in Galway’s West End in Dominick Street, William Street West and Small Crane are currently being reviewed in partnership with local businesses and emergency services and we hope to facilitate all stakeholders to find a proposal that can be delivered safely.

Additional public facilities have been added across the city including additional portable toilets and public bins. These measures, along with the proposals for increased public realm space, will help Galway City Council and our stakeholders to manage public spaces by working together in developing a number of managed and controlled areas for locals and visitors to Galway to enjoy outdoor living.

These plans will continue to be assessed throughout the summer and alterations made as appropriate to respond to concerns and issues that may arise and adjustments will be made, if required.