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Galway City Council Temporary Signage Procedure - Summer Pilot

Galway City Council Temporary Signage Procedure - Summer Pilot


Galway City Council this week unveiled new requirements in relation to the erection of Temporary Signage in the City on a pilot basis for the summer months. The aim of the Policy is to support good, creative & necessary signage in appropriate locations. It outlines Galway City Council’s requirements with regard to temporary signs erected on both Public and Private Property which are visible from a public place.

 Speaking about the new initiative, Derek Healy from the Environment & Climate Change Section explained that:

“The aim of this policy is to support good, creative and necessary signage in appropriate locations. It is also to ensure that the overall presentation of the city and the image which it portrays to residents, visitors and potential investors is not negatively affected by inappropriate and unauthorised signage”.

Temporary Signs are permitted on Private Property subject to approval of the landowner and subject to the requirements of Schedule 2 of Part 2 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001.

It is Galway City Council’s position that no signage should be erected in Public areas without the approval of the Local Authority. Temporary signs promoting charity, sporting and cultural events are:

  • now subject to an application and permit process, a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of the event.
  • not permitted within specified City Centre areas.
  • not be erected on Lighting Poles or ESB Poles.
  • not to block road signage or traffic lights or cause any restriction to Road Safety.
  • subject to a maximum size of sign and a maximum number of 50 signs per event and must be removed immediately after the event.

A Section 254 Licence from our planning section under Planning & Development Act, 2000 (Section 254) & Planning & Development Regulations 2001 is required for Temporary Commercial Advertising.

Community Wardens across the City will be monitoring the situation throughout the Summer Months. All unauthorised temporary signs will be removed and may be subject to litter fines and prosecution in the District Court.