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Marketing & Promotion Fund 2021

Marketing & Promotion Fund 2021

Galway City Council's Marketing & Promotion Fund will provide support to festivals, events or promotions that will help support the economic recovery of the city.

Application forms to be submitted online only at  

Application guidelines can be downloaded here Marketing Fund Application Guidelines.doc

All applications must be adjustable to changing social distancing regulations. All Festivals, Events and Promotions must take place between October 2021 and April 2022 to be eligible for funding.

Applications for grant aid for 2021 must be submitted no later than 4pm on Friday 3rd of September.

Any applications that clearly fall outside the eligibility guidelines and criteria may be eliminated.


The Marketing Promotion Fund was established in 2012 to allow Galway City Council to provide support for the marketing of festivals, events and promotions in the city. Applicants should note the fund is competitive in nature and the budget is limited. The total allocated since 2012 is €1,253,000 with an average payment of just over €10,500.

The Fund provides support for the holding of major events, festivals or promotions in the city. Funding will only be provided to projects that support local economic development, i.e. attracting or generating investment, increased spending, jobs or additional events in the city. Funding should only be provided to projects and events that have a city-wide impact. This is not a fund for small-scale, local events nor is it an emergency fund for existing projects that may have lost other sources of funding. Proposals must detail the economic benefits of the activity or event. The full extent of co-funding or matching funds either sought or obtained from other sources must be disclosed.
In light of the circumstances created by Covid 19, the focus of the fund for 2021 will be on areas of the economy most affected such as retail, hospitality, tourism and the arts.  Funding will be allocated to activities that attract visitors and increase footfall. Activities from October 2021 to April 2022 may apply. Flexibility for adjustments may be required as regulations for Covid 19 may change during this period.


All 2021 applications will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Economic Impact  - 60 Marks
  • Matched Funding - 30 Marks
  • Marketing & Promotion of Galway - 30 Marks
  • Quality & Ambition of the Activity - 30 Marks
  • Delivery Team - 20 Marks
  • Sustainability - 20 Marks
  • Sponsorship Opportunities - 10 Marks