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Positive Ageing Week 2021: 27th September – 1st October 2021

Positive Ageing Week 2021: 27th September – 1st October 2021


Positive Ageing Week 2021

27th September – 1st October 2021

(October 1st being International Day of Older Persons)

We welcome your ideas to make this year’s Positive Ageing Week a wonderful celebration

What is Positive Ageing Week?

Positive Ageing Week (PAW) is an annual opportunity to highlight the positive aspects of ageing and celebrate the contribution older people have made and continue to make in their communities.  Its central aim is to dispel negative perceptions of ageing and transform attitudes towards ageing and older people. 


How is it organised?

At national level, events are organised and co-ordinated by Age Action, and at local level, the various Age Friendly Programmes (which comprises local agencies and representatives of older people), facilitate and organise a range of activities and events.  These events can be held by the Agencies, or by Libraries, Local Community Groups, Nursing Homes, Active Retirement Associations, or individual older persons themselves. 


How can you help?

Galway’s Age Friendly Alliance feel that it is more important than ever to showcase and celebrate older people and the contribution they make to their communities.    Older people have endured a difficult year due to restricted movements and all the worries and anxieties associated with the pandemic, as well as an inability to take part in social activities. We have started preparing for a range of activities and campaigns to take place during Positive Ageing Week 2021 (September 27 to October 1). We would really like your engagement on ideas and suggestions to ensure a week full of community activities and events which will truly celebrate positive ageing and all the active older people we know in our lives and neighbourhoods. 

Age Friendly Alliance member, Jacquie Lynskey has some suggestions: ” You could compile a short description of the person (no more than 200 words), describing their contribution and approach to healthy and active ageing. We can showcase the collection of tributes in local press and media, who are very supportive. This is a great way to celebrate their contribution and encourage others to become more active in older age”.

There are many ways to celebrate the positive contribution of older persons in your neighbourhood and community during Positive Ageing Week. Last year there was an art exhibition, a festival in a van, school events, and lots of media activity. So get those thinking caps on and let’s make Positive Ageing Week 2021 a great success in thanking all those in older age in our communities who really make a difference to us in our lives.

Send your tributes to Jacquie Lynskey ( ) before 31 August with their written permission and a photo.

To get involved or to share ideas E-mail one of the following:  /  / 

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