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Reporting of Political Donations by Third Parties not later than 31st March 2023

The provisions of the Local Elections (Disclosure of Donations and Expenditure) Act 1999, as amended in relation to third parties are designed to bring such person or persons within the political donation regime in operation at local government level.


A ‘third party’ is defined in the legislation as any person, other than a political party registered in the Register of Political Parties under Part III of the Electoral Act 1992 or a candidate in an election, who accepts, in a particular year, a donation the value of which exceeds €100.


The ‘third party’ is required to register with Galway City Council or their relevant local authority, open a political donations account and to submit a statement from a financial institution with a certificate and statutory declaration to Galway City Council not later than 31st March each year.


See below for guidelines on registration.


Third Party Guidelines - Circular F.10-13


Circular F.10-13 - Original


Circular F.02-23 - Reporting by Third Parties