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Advice for Tenants who receive a Notice to Quit

Advice for Tenants who receive a Notice to Quit

Galway City Council is aware that households in the Galway area may have received a Notice of Termination, which is also known as a Notice to Quit, from their landlord and may be worried or unsure of what to do.

Galway City Council would like to advise that for anyone who has received a Notice of Termination and who has no alternative accommodation, the following services that are available to them:

What To Do If a Landlord Asks You to Leave Their Property

Contact Threshold immediately

Freephone 1800 454 454 (press 3 for Galway)



Threshold will give advice on whether the Notice is Valid or Invalid

·       If Threshold advise you that you have been given an Invalid Notice, then you have no obligation to comply with the Notice or leave the property.

·       If Threshold advise you that you have been given a Valid Notice, please submit a copy of the Notice of Termination together with the Validation letter/email from Threshold to the Housing Department at Galway City Council – Email:


What support is available from Galway City Council

Galway City Council’s first response will be to support households to try and prevent homelessness and this includes taking the following actions:

Where a person or household is eligible for social housing:

§  We will carry out an assessment of your housing need and appropriate social housing supports, including HAP.

§  We will support you through our Homeless HAP Place-finder Service which engages with landlords to procure HAP properties

§  We will be able to advise on the level of HAP payment you may be eligible to receive

§  We can assess if the property in which you are residing in is suitable for acquisition if it is being offered for sale and the owner is interested in selling to the City Council. In prioritising properties for acquisition, consideration will be given to aspects such as cost and value, condition of the property, size and suitability for tenants.

§  We will assess the availability of social housing properties and provide advice to you on how to use the Choice Based Letting Scheme to enable you to access social housing options.


Where a person or household is not eligible for social housing:

Cost Rental Tenant-in-Situ Scheme:

The Cost Rental Tenant-in-Situ scheme is a new initiative available for tenants who are not eligible for social housing but are at risk of homelessness due to a notice to quit. Local authorities are a first point of contact for this Scheme, but it is managed by the Housing Agency.

Galway City Council can assess and refer households for the Cost Rental Tenant-in-Situ Scheme managed by the Housing Agency and provide advice or direct to appropriate services.

Under the scheme the Housing Agency can purchase a property and rent it to the tenant. Local authorities will undertake an initial assessment of the tenant’s circumstances and refer details to the Housing Agency for consideration, where the tenant is at risk of homelessness and the Cost Rental Tenant-in-Situ scheme applies.

Local Authority Home Loan Scheme 

Where a tenant wishes to purchase their home, local authorities can advise and support on the Local Authority Home Loan scheme. We are aware that the Government is examining implementing a ‘right of first refusal’ for tenants to purchase their homes, as well as expanding the First Home shared equity scheme.  Galway City Council will be able to provide more information on these when available.

Galway City Council will always work towards mitigating the risk of homelessness. Placement in emergency accommodation will be a last resort if no other alternative can be identified.

RTB Contact Details - The RTB website provides information relating to residential tenancies

Phone:  0818 30 30 37 calls are charged at local rates.


Galway City Council Housing Department

Monday -Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm Tel: 091- 536400



Threshold Contact Details

Monday -Friday 9am to 9pm – Tel: 1800 454 454