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#GalwayCityYourCouncil Episode 13 Emmet Humphreys, Senior Executive Architect

#GalwayCityYourCouncil Episode 13 Emmet Humphreys, Senior Executive Architect


#GalwayCityYourCouncil - In Episode #13 Fergal meets Emmet Humphreys, Senior Executive Architect, Housing.

Emmet was one of the organisers of the recent Academy of Urbanism/ Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland/ Galway City Council ‘Reimagining the Irish City’ conference in Galway, where there was much discussion about the need for radical reform of our current planning, design and delivery systems to enable Irish cities and towns to survive and prosper in the coming decades.

Emmet discusses potential solutions for Irish cities and towns, and the importance of collaboration and creating a space to discuss and address conflicting needs.

Emmet graduated from Bolton Street, Dublin Institute of Technology in 2001 with a Dip.Arch B.Arch Sc.(Hons). Emmet was a part time Lecturer in Lund University, Sweden 2006-2016 in the Cityspace-Dwellingspace Studio, which was part of ILAUD. He was a Director of his own Practice from 2003-2018. Emmet left private practice to join the Local Authority.

His work includes co-authorship West Gate Vision: Drogheda and Boyle 2040. He is Senior Executive Architect for Galway City Council’s Housing Department working on interdepartmental collaboration for physical development projects. He is also a member of the RIAI Urban Design Committee.

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