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Celebrating Galway’s local Positive Ageing Heroes

Positive Ageing Week is an opportunity every year to emphasise the positive aspects of aging and celebrate the invaluable contributions of older individuals in our communities. The theme of Positive Ageing Week 2023 is Challenging Ageism- Reframing How We Think, Feel and Act towards aging and older persons. 

This Positive Ageing Week (October 1 – 7th) Galway is shining a light on 13 people from across the Galway City who are wonderful examples of the positive aspects of ageing and the vast and varied contributions of older people who quietly improve our lives, neighbourhoods and communities all year round.

The flagship event is the Local Heroes Exhibition which showcases these amazing people who epitomise positive, healthy and active ageing. They represent the many older people who enrich our lives in so many ways.

Research tells us that our ageing journey can be impacted by what we see and hear about ageing. That is why it is so important to shine a light on people who are living life to the full and are so often family carers, valuable members of clubs, associations, community groups and enriching our lives so much.

You can see all 13 Galway City Heroes on this short video

And you can read about all 30 of Galway’s local heroes by visiting

The local heroes exhibition is an initiative of the Galway Age Friendly Programme and was made possible mainly by Galway City and County Councils, COPE Galway, Galway Rural Development and Galway City Partnership. Together we would like to thank all who sponsored or contributed to this year’s initiatives and most especially the wonderful people from across Galway City who contribute to our families, communities and society and who inspire others to do likewise.