Park and Stride Scheme

  • Why Encourage Travel to School by Bus, Bike or on Foot?

    One of the implications of high car dependency in Galway City is significant congestion outside our school gates. You and your family can play a part in helping to alleviate congestion outside your school gate by cycling, walking, carpooling or taking the bus to school.

    If these options are not possible, your family could play a part in alleviating schoolgate congestion by participating in our Park'n'Stride Scheme.


  • What is Park'n'Stride?

    Galway City Council working in partnership with An Taisce Green Schools, City Centre schools and local businesses seeks your support to rollout our Park'n'Stride Scheme in Galway City.

    Park'n'Stride works by encouraging parents to park in nearby designated car parks free of charge (where charges normally apply) for a short period of time, while they walk or scoot their children to school.


  • Why should my family Park'n'Stride?

    By supporting Park'n'Stride, you and your children will be playing a part in alleviating traffic congestion outside the school gate, which in turn will help to make trips to and from school safer for everyone. You and your children will be getting some physical exercise on the way to and from school.

    Research also highlights that Park'n'Stride provides parents with some valued time with their children, giving an opportunity to have some fun, while walking to and from school. It is also recognised that children that are active in the morning have better levels of concentration in the classroom.


  • How Does Park'n'Stride Work?

    Participating schools will be issued with information and Park'n'Stride stickers for distribution to parents. Parents wishing to become involved in the scheme will need to complete the attached registration form. Once completed, parents will be issued with a Park'n'Stride sticker to display on the front windshield of their car. This sticker will allow parents to park their car in one of the nearby designated car parks free of charge (where charges apply), while they Park'n'Stride their children to school.

    Please note that each of the designated carparks also act as Drop'n'Hop locations for older children who are capable of independent travel to school i.e. parents can simply drop off/collect their children at these designated carparks.


  • Who can participate in Park'n'Stride?

    You can participate in the Park'n'Stride Scheme if you and/or your children attend one of the schools listed below.


  • What schools are participating in the Park'n'Stride Scheme?

    • 1. Scoil an Linbh Íosa
    • 2. Meánscoil Mhuire
    • 3. Scoil Chroí Íosa
    • 4. St. Joseph's Patrician College
    • 5. Scoil Iognáid
    • 6. Scoil Fhursa
    • 7. Scoil Róis
    • 8. Coláiste Einde
    • 9. Scoil Einde
    • 10. Jesus & Mary, Salerno
    • 11. St. Michaels Boys School
    • 12. Claddagh National School
    • 13. St. Pat's National School

    View a map of the school locations.


  • Which carparks are participating in the Park'n'Stride Scheme?

    • a. Galway Shopping Centre
    • b. Dyke Road Car Park
    • c. Westside Shopping Centre (Dunnes)
    • d. West City Centre (Aldi)
    • e. Woodquay Car Park
    • f. Cathedral Car Park
    • g. Bowling Green Car Park
    • h. Mill Street Car Park
    • i. Galway Harbour Company
    • j. Claddagh Hall Car Park
    • k. Cresent Court (Nestors Supervalu)
    • l. Galway Business School\Galway Cultural Institute
    • m. Claude Toft Park
    • n. Leisureland
    • o. Promenade
    • p. Mervue Football Club

    View a map of the school locations.


  • How can I take part in Park'n'Stride?

    Simply complete the attached registration form and forward it to your school Co-ordinator. You will then receive a Park'n'Stride sticker to display inside the front windshield of your car. Then you simply park your car in one of the participating car parks during the designated times and Park'n'Stride with your children to and from school.


  • What are the terms and conditions?

    Designated Parking Times at Participating Car Parks

    Morning: 8.30am to 9.30am - 1 hour mamimum stay

    Afternoon: Between 1:00pm and 4:00pm - 1 hour maximum

    • The Park'n'Stride sticker must be displayed inside the front windshield of your car
    • Parking spaces are only available on a 'first come-first served basis'
    • Parking before and after the designated times must be paid for (where charges normally apply)
    • Cars parked before and after these times, which do not display a paid ticket (where charges normally apply) will be subject to charges or a fine by a Warden (City Council Car Parks)
    • Please park in a safe manner allowing sufficient space for children to enter and leave vehicles safely
    • Stickers are for the use of schools only and are not transferable
    • Different coloured stickers will issue at the beginning of each school year
    • Each of the participating carparks can also be used as Drop'n' Hop locations i.e. to drop off or collect older children capable of independent travel to school


  • Who can I contact about Park'n'Stride?

    For further information, please contact:

    Galway Transportation Unit,
    Galway City Council,
    City Hall,
    College Road,
    Tel: (091) 894328