Parking in Galway City

  • What type of parking is available in Galway City?

    Pay and Display is the main type of parking available within Galway City. You purchase a ticket from a pay and display ticket machine in advance that entitles you to park on designated city streets or public car parks, for a set duration of time.The Pay & Display ticket must be clearly displayed/visible on the dashboard of your vehicle. Pay and Display parking was introduced in Galway City to allow for more convenient parking in the City Centre and to improve overall traffic management.

    Types of Pay & Display Parking Areas:

    1. On-street parking
    2. Public Car Parks
    3. Disabled Parking


  • How and where does on-street parking operate?

    A pay and display parking ticket must be purchased in advance from a ticket machine on the street that you wish to park on or near. The ticket entitles you to park in the designated parking area on the street for a maximum of 2 hours. The pay and display parking ticket must be clearly displayed/visible on the dashboard of your vehicle.

    Conditions of Pay & Display On-Street Parking:

    • Chargeable hours are 08.30am – 6.30 pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm – 6pm on Sundays.
    • 2 hour maximum stay applies.
    • Charges are:
      • 50 cent for 15 minutes
      • €2 euro for one hour
      • €4 euro for two hours
      • Minimum charge of 50 cent applies
    • All machines accept coins
    • Credit Card payment is accepted on some machines
    • Machines do not give change
    • Notes are not accepted.
    • It is a parking offence to stay in a pay & display parking space for more than the 2-hour maximum limit.
    • The Pay & Display parking ticket must be clearly visible on the dashboard of your vehicle.
    • Cars are parked at the owners risk.

    View map of Pay & Display Parking Locations in Galway City.


  • How and where do the public car parks operate?

    Public Car Parks
    Public Car Parks are divided into:

    • Long Term Car Parks
    • Short Term Car Parks

    Long Term Car Parks are car parks where a daily charge of €6.50 per day applies regardless of time or duration of stay in the car park. 

  • Long Term Car Parks are located at:

    The Greyhound Track, College Road,
    Dyke Road (beside the Black Box Theatre)
    Galway Cathedral Car Park.

  • From the end of April 2022 a €100 monthly Pay and Display ticket can also be purchased in the Long Term Carparks located at The Greyhound Track (College Road), Dyke Road and Galway Cathedral. Payment for the monthly ticket is by Credit/Debit card only. A specific machine for the purchase of monthly tickets has been installed in each of the long term carparks. The machine is identifiable by a yellow sticker and the location is well signposted. Only these machines issue monthly tickets. You will be required to give the registration number of your vehicle when purchasing a €100 ticket.


    Short Term Car Parks are car parks where an hourly rate of €2 euro applies. A daily rate of €20 is also available.

    Short Term Car Parks are located at:

    • Mill Street
    • Bowling Green, Newtownsmith

    View map of the location of long-term and short-term public car parks.

    Note that there are two free surface car parks in Salthill

    1. On the main promenade, Salthill
    2. Toft Car Park beside Galway Atlantaquaria, Salthill

    Public Car Parks

    • Tickets may be purchased from the machines located in the car parks using cash or credit card.
    • Chargeable hours are 08.30am – 6.30 pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm – 6pm on Sundays.
    • Cars are parked at the owners risk.


  • Are there any private car parks in Galway City?

    Private Car Parks

    Location Number of Spaces
    Jury's Hotel, Quay St. 348
    Harbour Hotel, New Dock Rd. 114
    Eyre Square Centre, Eyre Square 452
    Radisson Hotel, Lough Atalia Rd. 260
    Fairgreen Car Park, Fairgreen Rd. 400
    Debenhams, 1-4 Eyre St. 580
    Hynes Yard Car Park, Merchants Rd. 480
    Port of Galway Contract Parking: 200 spaces
    Hourly Parking: 350 spaces
    Indoor Parking: 100 spaces
    Total: 650 spaces


  • I paid for on-street parking, but the machine did not issue a ticket. What should I do?

    Take note of the machine number and any indication of the fault - for example: does the paper sound like it is printing but then getting jammed, or is the display on the machine listing the fault.

    Contact Customer Service in Galway City Council either by phone on 091-536400 or by email as soon as possible and report the following:

    • machine number (usually located on the side of the machine)
    • fault (if displayed on the screen)
    • amount of money inserted into the machine
    • period of time you wish to remain parked
    • your vehicle registration number.


  • I am going away. Can I pay for parking for a few days together?

    No - it is not possible to pay for long term parking in excess of one day.


  • Are Pay and Display tickets transferable to other streets?

    Yes. Customers may use the same parking ticket in an alternative Pay & Display parking location, as long as they do not exceed the maximum time specified on the displayed Pay and Display parking ticket.


  • Are the car park Pay and Display tickets transferable to other GCC car parks?

    No, the ticket displayed must have been purchased in the car park that your vehicle is parked in. The machine number and area is printed on each pay & display ticket and can only be used in the area indicated.


  • Can I pay my motor tax at Galway City Council offices?

    No - Motor Tax is administered at Galway County Council offices on behalf of the City Council as a shared service.

    For further information contact:

    Galway County Council,
    County Hall,
    Prospect Hill,

    Tel: 091 509000


    You can also renew your Motor Tax online at


  • I wish to report an illegally parked vehicle

    Contact Customer Service on 091-536400 or with the vehicle registration number and the location of the vehicle. We will advise the Traffic Wardens of the issue.


  • I wish to report an abandoned vehicle

    Click here to report an abandoned vehicle.