Pre-Planning Consultation

  • Galway City Council are pleased to announce the launch of a new online system which enables applicants to lodge their pre-planning application online.

    The purpose of pre-planning consultation is to afford applicants the opportunity to seek advice from the Planning Authority on a proposed development. This advice can include indicating the relevant objectives and policies of the Development Plan that have a bearing on the decision of the application.

    A pre-planning consultation can be arranged if the person has an interest in the land concerned and where he/she wishes to consult about a proposed development or future planning application, that is, a specific proposal.

    Depending on the nature of the enquiry or scale and complexity of the development, pre-planning consultations may be delivered via:

    • MS Teams
    • In Person Meetings
    • Telephone Correspondence
    • E-mail Correspondence

    The agent will be advised by e-mail of the time, date and nature of the pre-planning meeting.

    It is advisable prior to making a pre-planning application, to consult the Galway City Council’s Development Plan 2023 – 2029 and associated maps, which may contain much of the relevant planning information needed for your proposed development.

    Pre-planning advice is given in good faith and without prejudice to the formal consideration of any subsequent planning application. Section 247(3) of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended states that “the carrying out of consultations shall not prejudice the performance by a Planning Authority of any other of its functions under this Act, or any regulations made under this Act and cannot be relied upon in the formal planning process or in legal proceeding.”


    Failure to complete this form or attach any necessary documentation, or the submission of incorrect information or omission of required information will lead to the invalidation of your application. Therefore, please ensure that each section of this form is fully completed and signed, entering n/a (not applicable) where appropriate, and that all necessary documentation is attached to the application form.



    It is the responsibility of the persons or entities wishing to use any personal data on a planning application form for direct marketing purposes to be satisfied that they may do so legitimately under the requirements of the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018. The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner states that the sending of marketing material to individuals without consent may result in action by the Data Protection Commissioner against the sender including prosecution.


    In the event that a planning application is made following this pre-planning application, the contents of this pre-planning application will be placed on the planning file for public inspection and displayed on our website


    You can now apply for a pre-planning consultation using our online pre-planning application system at this link.


    Applications must include the following documentation:

    • The Pre-Planning Consultation Form
    • Please note that there is a separate pre-planning application form for large-scale residential information to be submitted.
    • A site location map which can be found at Ordnance Survey Ireland.

    The scale required is 1:1000 for Urban Areas and 1:2500 for Rural Areas.

    • Drawings of the proposed development (Site layout, elevation drawings etc)


    If using our online Pre-Planning system please ensure:

    • All documents submitted are in an appropriate format such as PDF,
    • Each file is under 10MBs in size
    • File names are less than 60 characters in total
    • Please do not submit interactive documents.

    Complete Online Form HERE


    If using our application form please e-mail the application form and all accompanying documentation to:

    Downloadable FORM

    Useful Links:

    Ordnance Survey Ireland

    Rebuilding Ireland - Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness

    Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016


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