Public Realm Strategy

  • Background

    The character and quality of the city is defined to a significant extent by its public realm. Public realm is a broad term used to describe outdoor areas that are accessible to the public.

    This includes spaces between buildings, streets, roads, squares, parks and seafronts. It accounts for a considerable part of the city and is a primary area for social interaction and public life.

    Public space provides a meeting place, a venue for events, for social entertainment and an important setting to the built environment. It functions as a valuable amenity and recreation resource and facilitates services and transport.

  • Preparation

    The preparation of the Public Realm Strategy will include:

    • Collaboration with all stakeholders.
    • Establishment of common goals and targets.
    • A Design Manual to establish design guidance for all elements of the public realm. The manual will include design specification, specification on installation, use, and maintenance/replacement requirements.
    • An Activity Manual will indicate where and when various activities will be actively promoted including street cafés, trading pitches, markets, festivals, events, street performances and guidance on public art.

    Read more on the Public Realm Strategy in Chapter 8 of the City Development Plan

  • Downloads

    Pop up consultation event, 30 November & 1 December 2018