Road Opening Licence

  • What is a Road Opening Licence required for?

    A Road Opening Licence is required to open/excavate a public road, footpath or grass verge for:

    • Water/Sewer Connections
    • Lowering of Footpaths
    • Footpath reconstruction
    • Pipelaying etc.
    • ESB works
    • Telecom works

    The Roads section of Galway City Council issue road opening licences.

    Roads Section
    Dept of Transportation, Infrastructure, Recreation & Amenity
    Yeats College Annex
    College Road
    Telephone: 091 536400
    Fax: 091 894357


  • How do I apply for a Road Opening Licence?

    An application for a licence to excavate a public road, footpath or open space along with documentation relevant to the application must be submitted to Galway City Council.

    Please download the application form, detail on the relevant documentation required and Galway City Council's Road Opening Policy below.


  • Are there any fees associated with a Road Opening Licence?

    Schedule of Fees - Road Opening Licence

    A. Administration Fee :

    • €250.00

    B. Non Refundable Long Term Damage Fee :

    • Carriageways

      0 to 10 Sq M => €200

      > 10 Sq. M => €200 plus € 15 per Sq M

    • Footpaths / Cycle Lanes

      0 to 10 Sq M => €200 (unless included as part of Carriageway opening)

      >10 Sq M => €200 plus €10 per Sq M

    • Open Spaces

      0 to 10 Sq M => €200 (unless included as part of Carriageway / Foot path opening)

      >10 Sq M => €200 plus €8 per Sq. m

    C. Refundable Security Deposit / Bond :

    0 to 10 Sq M => €2000

    > 10 Sq M => €2000 plus €50 per Sq M

    D. Loss of car parking space fee/ control loop:

    • €2.00 per hour per space (08:30 hrs to 18:30 hrs)
    • Replacement of 1 traffic signal loop => €1000

    E. Monitoring Fee::

    • This applies to large-scale projects and shall be agreed between Galway City Council and the Licensee.


  • When should the fees be paid?

    All fees and deposits must be paid to Galway City Council prior to the licence being granted.


  • What is the purpose of the Bond?

    The bond will be held for two years from the date of permanent reinstatement to insure a durable and fit for purpose reinstatement is put in place. In order to seek release of the bond, contact the Dept. of Transport, Infrastructure, Recreation & Amenity at the end of the bond period to arrange an inspection.

    Should the works not be of an acceptable standard, the bond may be held for a further year following further remedial works undertaken by the licensee. After the two-year bond period has expired the Local Authority may itself initiate remedial works and subtract the cost of these works from any refund of the bond which remains.


  • How much notice do I need to give if I wish to apply for a road opening licence?

    The application should be made to Galway City Council a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the proposed date for the works.


  • Are there any documents that should be included with the Road Opening Licence application?

    An Application form should be completed in full and the following documents must accompany the application:

    a) If required relevant Permits for connections to

    (i) water main or

    (ii) sewer

    (Appropriate fee must be paid for permit and relevant engineer in charge must sign permit.)

    b) Ordinance Survey Map required indicating the location

    c) Copy of Receipt showing payment

    d) A brief Works Method statement should be submitted.

    e) Traffic Management Method Statement and Risk Assessment

    f) Traffic Management Drawings

    g) Copy of Public Liability Insurance

    h) Copy of Employer Liability Insurance


  • Am I required to submit a Traffic Management Plan along with a Road Opening Licence application?

    If the proposed works restricts traffic or pedestrian traffic, a traffic management plan will be required indicating the measures which will be taken to facilitate the safe flow of traffic including pedestrians.


  • Where should an application for a road opening licence be returned?

    Dept of Transportation, Infrastructure, Recreation & Amenity.
    Yeats College Annex,
    College Road
    Telephone: 091 536400
    Fax: 091 894357

    The completed application form should be returned to the Transportation & Infrastructure Section, at the above address, by post, fax or in person to the public counter (9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday).

    Please ensure that the application form is accompanied with all the necessary documentation and the appropriate fee - as outlined on the application form.

    Please contact the Dept. of Transport, Infrastructure, Recreation & Amenity should you require explanation or assistance with your application as this can often avoid unnecessary effort.


  • How much notice should I give before commencing works?

    Advance notice of 3 working days is required before the work commences once the Road Opening Licence has been granted.


  • Do I need to notify any other person or body regarding the Road Opening Licence?

    Yes - The licensee is required to notify the fire, ambulance, gardaí and public transport services of any proposed disruption to traffic routes.


  • Am I responsible for the restoration of the road/path way on which the works were carried out?

    Yes - the licensee is legally responsible for works being undertaken and for the maintenance of the reinstatement for a period of two years from the placement of permanent reinstatement. This is the bond period.