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    What is Galway Sports Partnership (GSP)?

    Galway Sports Partnership is an initiative of the Irish Sports Council to create a national structure to co-ordinate and promote the development of sport at local level. Galway Sports Partnership was formed following a merger of Galway City Sports Partnership and County Galway Sports Partnerships.

    GSP is a sub group of both Galway City & Galway County Development Boards. The Steering Group of GSP is made up of statutory agencies, local development and voluntary organisations that have an interest or role in the provision of physical activity in Galway.


  • What is the function of Galway Sports Partnership (GSP)?

    The 3 main functions of the Local Sports Partnerships are:

    • Information: establish a consultative forum, initiate research, compile a sports directory & database, identify needs and resources to form the basis of local planning.
    • Education: to provide quality opportunities for education and training at local level, provide training courses targeting volunteers, provide access to sports specific courses through the National Governing Bodies of Sport.
    • Implementation: develop a strategic plan for local sport, appoint a professional administrator and secure related support services, select participation programmes for LSP modified to suit local needs, increase impact of national programmes delivered locally so as to promote participation.


  • What is the aim of Galway Sports Partnership (GSP)?

    The main aim of Galway Sports Partnership is to increase the level of participation in sport, recreation and physical activity, to ensure that local resources are used to best effect and that sustainable structures are established to assist those involved in sport development with particular emphasis on groups who have low participation rates, e.g. Women and girls, older adults, disadvantaged groups, people with disabilities and the unemployed.


  • Training Courses and Galway Sports Partnership (GSP)

    What Courses are available through Galway Sports Partnership (GSP)?

    GSP organises:

    Irish Sports Council courses:

    • Code of Ethics & Good Practice in Children's Sport (Child protection):
      • Basic Awareness (3 hours) - for everyone involved in children's sport.
      • Children's Officer (6 hours) - for club children's officer/designated person.
    • Buntús programmes were developed to support teachers and childcare practitioners in introducing young people to sport and physical activity. All Buntús programmes are delivered in a package consisting of 3 components; the equipment, the resource cards and the training. The three key components of the programme are designed to provide easy to understand, and accessible support to give children a fun, but high quality, introduction to sport. The purpose of the course is to empower teachers and childcare practitioners to use the cards in their PE / physical activity sessions.
      • Buntús Start is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged between 2-5 years old. It has been adopted from the Youth Sport Trust Programme Top Start in the UK. Buntús Start is delivered in partnership with the Health Services Executive or County Childcare Committee or a three-way partnership.
        Buntús Generic refers to Buntús Play and Spóirt programmes which are based on the Tops Play and Tops Multi-Sport programmes run by Youth Sport Trust in the UK. The Play bag is aimed at Junior Infants up to 2nd class and the Spóirt bag is aimed at 3rd to 6th class. However, the games on the cards can be adapted to suit the class's ability.
      • Buntús Generic complements the Games strand of the PE curriculum, which is one of six strands.
      • Sport Specific Buntús programmes are provided in association with some National Governing Bodies of Sport. Schools must have received Buntús Generic programme before receiving any of the Sports Specific programmes. The training is provided by the Regional Development Officers from the National Governing Bodies and specially trained Buntús tutors. Currently the Buntús Sports Specific programmes available to schools are Buntús Soccer run by the FAI, Buntús Badminton run by Badminton Ireland and Buntús Golf run by Junior Golf Ireland.
    • Activity Leader: This award is designed to provide trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic community based physical activity leaders. Leaders will be equipped to work in a wide range of locations including local clubs, community groups, workplaces, community centres and sports' clubs, applying their knowledge and skills to plan, organise and lead safe, enjoyable activity sessions with small groups.
      Specifically, the successful leader will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan, organise and lead physical activity sessions within their own group setting. At the start of the course, trainee leaders should be over 18 years and following the course, the successful leader will be able to will be 10 to 12 hours comprising of practical and theoretical units.

    National programmes & courses:

    • Disability Inclusion Training (DIT) : This is a theory and practical course that covers terminology, barriers to participation, legislation and guidance, an introduction to disability sports and ways of adapting activities to make them inclusive. This course has been designed for a range of audiences including National Governing Bodies, Coaches, Volunteers, Teachers/SNA, Administrative staff, Leisure Personal and Sports Development Officers.
      The course can also have a 'sport Specific' focus based on demand. Participants will, learn the theory behind Adapted Physical Activity/ Disability sports; experience an opportunity to participate in new activities; develop their ability to adapt games and activities to include all ability groups.
    • See more at:

    Other courses and programmes:

    • First Aid: GSP delivers first aid courses from time to time. Where possible we tailor the courses for sports clubs. Walking Leader Training, Buntús & Buntús Start for primary schools and pre schools to name but a few.
    • Club Officer Training: From time to time GSP delivers training for those who hold positions in clubs such as Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer as these positions are pivotal to the effective and efficient running of a sports club. The course covers what is required of the officers e.g. how to run a good meeting, legal requirements of the club etc.

    GSP would like with a number of other organisations both local and national to deliver training courses for clubs and community groups in Galway.

    Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates on these.


  • Where can I find information in relation to Courses/Training?

    You can find information about training on our facebook page: or on our website

    Contact GSP: Tel: 091 476503 / 476509 / 536459



  • What courses are coming up?

    Please see or on our website (currently under construction) for our schedule of courses.


  • How do I register for a course?

    To register for a course you must fill out an application form and return it with payment in order to book a place. Places can only be secured with payment.

    Application forms are available on our website (currently under construction) or on Galway City & County Council websites.

    You can also email and request a form.

    For courses delivered by other agencies please contact the relevant agency directly.


  • Is there a fee for courses?

    Yes there are fees for some courses please contact Galway Sports Partnership on 091 536459 or 091 476509 to check the fees for courses.


  • Sports Partnership Funding & Grants:

    What types of grants/funding are available for clubs and/or community groups?

    There are a number of funding streams available in any one year. GSP administrates the Galway City Council Sports Club Grant and the County Council Community Support Grant. GSP have our own grant scheme depending on our budget. From time to time other agencies release funding opportunities which GSP promote through our Facebook page, website and email database.

    • Galway Sports Partnership Grants:
      GSP, under its grant scheme intends to help clubs, communities and other organisations to deliver programmes of physical activity to increase participation of people who normally do not take part. Increased participation is the underpinning principle of GSP and we can only achieve this through the cooperation of clubs and groups in the community.

      Briefing note regarding Galway Sports Partnership's Programme Funding to Increase participation in physical activity.


    • Who can apply for funding?
      Any club, community or group who are voluntary, based in Galway and meet the terms and conditions of grant are eligible for funding.

    • Galway City Council Sports Club Grant:
      Galway City Council Sports Club Grant scheme is a retro retrospective scheme. The grant is generally announced in the late summer/autumn with the closing date in early October. This may change from year to year.
      Closing date for this receipt of applications for the 2021 Grant is 11pm Sunday 2nd October 2022. Applications received after this time will not be considered.

      Apply using the online Application Form

      View Sports Club Grants Scheme Criteria


  • Who can apply for funding under the Galway City Council Sports Club Grant?

    Any sports club that is based in the administrative area of Galway City and operate on a voluntary basis can apply under this scheme. In order to be successful applicants must meet the criteria and terms and conditions as set out by Galway City Council. These may change from time to time. There is a major emphasis on the up-skilling of coaches in this scheme.

    For more information please see our website: (under construction) or or contact Jason by telephone on 091 536459 by email on

    View Sports Club Grants Scheme Criteria


  • Galway Sports Partnership Contact Details

    What are the contact details for the Galway Sports Partnership?

    Galway Sports Partnership
    C/O Community & Enterprise Dept.
    Galway County Council,
    County Hall,
    Prospect Hill,
    Tel: 091 476503 / 476509 / 536459
    Fax. 091 779082


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