Strategic Policy Committees

  • What is a Strategic Policy Committee?

    In accordance with the provisions of Section 48 of the Local Government Act 2001, as amended by Section 41 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014, the Council shall establish by resolution committees to be known as Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) to consider matters connected with the formulation, development, monitoring and review of policy which relate to the functions of the local authority and to advise the Council on those matters.

    The Council is, and remains, the decision making authority, and the task of the SPCs is to advise and assist the Council in its work in the formulation, development and review of policy in relation to functions of a strategic nature reserved to the Elected Members of the City Council, subject to the relevant statutory framework.

    The Strategic Policy Committees draw on the knowledge and expertise of people working with social, economic, cultural and environmental bodies throughout Galway City.

    The SPC system is intended to give Councilors and relevant sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process from the early stages, when policy options are more fluid. Therefore, much of the preliminary and background work, discussion and recommendation should be completed at SPC level for final consideration and ratification by the Council.

    The City Council has 5 Strategic Policy Committees:

    The Chairpersons of the SPCs report directly to Galway City Council. For further details on each of the SPCs above, including their members and terms of reference, click on the name of the SPC you would like find out more about.

    Meetings usually take place four times each year.



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