Strategic Policy Committees

  • What is a Strategic Policy Committee?

    A central element to the Reform of the Local Government System (under the programme "Better Local Government - A Programme for Change" 1990) was the establishment of Strategic Policy Committees (SPC's) in each Local Authority.

    These committees allow both elected representatives and local sectoral interests the opportunity to become more involved in policy formulation at a local level.

    The City Council has 5 Strategic Policy Committees:

    • SPC 1 Housing
    • SPC 2 Transportation and Infrastructure
    • SPC 3 Economic Development and Planning
    • SPC 4 Environment
    • SPC 5 Recreation, Amenity and Culture

    The Strategic Policy Committees draw on the knowledge and expertise of people working with social, economic, cultural and environmental bodies throughout Galway City.

    The Committees also allow people with relevant expertise to work alongside the elected representatives in contributing to and developing Council policy in a spirit of partnership.

    Meetings usually take place four times each year