Supplier of Goods/Services

    • How do I arrange to be set up as a supplier of Galway City Council?

      New Suppliers must complete and return a Supplier Set up form which will be issued by the staff member organising the purchase. Evidence of bank account details in the name of the Supplier must be provided with the form e.g. bank statement header. A blank letterhead from the Supplier may be requested if appropriate and a Tax Clearance Certificate.

      At order stage the Supplier will receive a Purchase Order Number, which must be quoted on the Supplier Invoice.

      All suppliers working as Sub-Contractor's on behalf of Galway City Council, on any "relevant construction operation" must also complete a Relevant Contract Tax Registration form with Galway City Council (the Principal Contractor). All Relevant contracts must be registered with Revenue (ROS) and all individual contract payments must also be registered with Revenue in advance of payment. Full details of the operation of RCT and a description of the meaning of "relevant construction operation" is available on the Revenue website at

      Suppliers of a Professional Service
      Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) applies to payments made by Galway City Council in respect of the provision of professional services. Full details of the operation of PSWT is available on the Revenue website at:

      All suppliers are paid by Electronic Funds transfer.


    • I am a supplier. Do I need a Tax Clearance Certificate?

      All companies doing business with a Local Authority must have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate in your company name i.e. the name that appears on your invoices. This is in accordance with Section 177 of the Finance Act 1995 as amended by the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997,

      If total payments reach the €10,000 threshold within a rolling 12-month period, payments cannot be made until a valid Tax Clearance Certificate is received from you.

      The original Certificate must be submitted to the Accounts Payable office or if you use the Revenue On Line Service, your Registration Number and Notice Number is required. This can be found on the top left-hand corner of your Certificate and Accounts Payable can confirm the details on line.

      If you do not have a current Tax Clearance Certificate, an application form can be obtained at


    • Where can I get a Tax Clearance Certificate?

      A tax clearance certificate can only be obtained from the Revenue office.

      The link to the Revenue Website is


    • Purchase Orders over €20,000

      In its Programme for Government, the government agreed that they would require the publication of all purchase orders greater than €20,000 with the intention to enhance the transparency of Public Sector Procurement.  This commitment was reiterated in the Public Sector Reform Plan.  The Reform Plan commitments are interpreted as referring only to payments for goods, services or works procured.  Purchase Orders which are precluded under the Freedom of Information legislation have been excluded.  

Please see the following listing:

Purchase Orders over €20K QTR2 2022

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