Tennis Courts

  • Does Galway City City Council provide tennis court facilities in the city?

    Yes, tennis courts are located in the following areas:

    • Crest Wood, Ballinfoyle, Galway
    • McGrath's Field, Shangort Road, Knocknacarra, Galway
    • Westside Sports Ground, Westside, Galway -
    • Doughiska Park, Doughiska Road, Galway
    • Roscam Park, Roscam, Galway

    View map of the location of the tennis courts listed above


  • What facilities are at the tennis courts?

    There are two tennis courts at each of the venues listed above.


  • How do I book the tennis courts?

    It is not necessary to pre-book the courts and there are no restrictions on the opening hours for these facilities.


  • Are there charges for the use of a tennis court?

    There are no charges for the use of the tennis courts.



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