Traveller Accommodation

  • What types of Accommodation does Galway City Council provide to the Traveller Community?

    All applications from members of the Traveller Community will be assessed in accordance with the Social Housing Regulations 2011.

    Once a housing need has been established Galway City Council will endeavour to meet this need through the delivery of the Traveller Accommodation Plan and in accordance with the Scheme of Letting Priorities.

    Accommodation options for Traveller households are as follows:

    • Standard housing
    • RAS/Leasing
    • Group Schemes
    • Permanent Residential Caravan Parks

    Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (LTACC)

    Under Section 21 of the Housing Act (Traveller Accommodation) 1998 the City Council is required to appoint an Accommodation Consultative Committee.

    This was formed in 2001 and it's main objective is to advance issues in relation to Traveller Accommodation.

    Membership of the Committee include representatives from:

    • The Traveller Community
    • Traveller Organisations
    • City Council
    • Elected Representatives

    It is the policy of the City Council to consult with Travellers about their accommodation needs and to provide, where appropriate, Traveller specific accommodation.

    Accommodation currently provided includes:

    • Four Permanent Residential Caravan Parks
    • One Transient Halting Site
    • Five Group Housing Schemes
    • Standard Housing
    • RAS/Leasing


  • Where can I access Galway City Council's current Traveller Accommodation Plan?

    Under the Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act, 1998, the City Council is required in consultation with travellers and the general public to prepare and adopt a four year Traveller Accommodation Programme.

    View the current Traveller Accommodation Programme



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