Water Conservation

  • Where can I obtain information on water conservation?

    Slow the flow is a water conservation campaign initiated by Galway City Council. Its aim is to reduce our daily use of treated water at home, at work and at school to an amount that is sufficient for our daily needs.

    Visit www.slowtheflow.ie for further information and tips on how to conserve water .

    View the SlowTheFlow eBooklet


  • What is the Galway City Water Conservation Project?

    Irish Water, in partnership with Galway City Council, has commenced a project to replace 19.8km of ageing pipeline in Galway City. As part of this project, it is proposed to carry out backyard water main rehabilitation works which will involve the replacement of water mains and water service connections to properties currently served by water mains located in backyards and private properties. This project will benefit residents by reducing the amount of water lost through leakage and will improve reliability of water supply in your area.


  • How will I benefit from this project?

    The project will involve laying a new water main in the public road and decommissioning any existing water main which runs through your back garden. A new service connection pipe (1/2 inch in diameter) will be laid from the new water main to connect to your property. The benefits of transferring your existing water supply connection point to the new water main include:

    Improved Water Pressure - Due to high leakage on the existing shared service connections, a number of houses are experiencing low pressures in their water supply or in some cases, ongoing interruptions to supply. The new proposed individual water supply connection points will eliminate this.

    Reduced Waste - Replacing the existing shared services will eliminate existing leaks and will dramatically reduce waste in the network.

    Improved Maintenance and Operation with fewer disturbances - The location of the existing shared services within private property means that repairs or maintenance on the shared services are difficult due to issues with access and can cause large disruption to homeowners. The replacement of your water supply connection point to a water main located within public lands will reduce delays with repair or maintenance works and reduce disruption to homeowners within the area.

    Connection Ownership - The removal and replacement of the shared service connection will allow individual ownership of each property connection to the relevant homeowner rather than shared responsibility for the communal service.


  • Why do you need to survey my property?

    As part of the project, the project team will be required to undertake surveys of the existing water services in your area. For the project team to identify the most appropriate method to connect the new water main to your property, they will need to carry out an internal survey of your property.


  • What happens during an internal survey?

    During an internal survey, the project team will document the following information including:

    • Points of water outlets,
    • Location of the roof tank,
    • The external water connection point within your property.

    This is a visual survey and therefore, no excavation works will take place. It may be necessary for the project team to take photographs to record the location and condition of the existing internal plumbing arrangements. Care will be taken to ensure that people, car registration numbers, or any other item which could lead to the identification of individuals is not recorded.


  • How long will the survey take and how will I identify the project team?

    The survey will take approximately two hours depending on the internal plumbing layout and location of the external water supply connection point in your property.

    Irish Water representatives and contractors are trained to always identify who they are and who they are representing when they call to your property. They will only enter your home after arranging an appointment with you. If you have any concerns regarding the identity of Irish Water representatives, please contact the project team on 1890 800 180.

    Below is a series of steps you should follow when dealing with people calling to your home:

    • Always look through a window or door viewer before opening the door,
    • Only open your door after connecting a door chain lock or placing your foot behind the door,
    • Switch on outside lights when it is dark,
    • Request and examine identification cards,
    • Always think 'safety' - do not leave strangers alone on your doorstep while you go into another room. Always close the door if you need to do this.
    • Take precautions - if you are unsure or suspicious please refuse access


  • Once the survey of my property is completed what is the next step?

    Once the survey of your property is completed, the project team will carry out an assessment of each property surveyed and will prepare a design to replace the existing backyard service. When the design is complete the project team will contact you to inform you of any rectification works required to your property. The contractor will then notify you of the commencement date for the rectification works.


  • Who can I contact if I require further information?

    If you require further information, you can contact the project team on
    1890 800 180 or email gcwaterconservation@rpsgroup.com



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