Water Leaks

  • I wish to report a water leak/gushing on a public road/footpath

    If you see a water leak or water gushing from the road/pathway in a public area, you should report it to Irish Water on 1800 278 278 as soon as possible to avoid flooding and minimise water wastage.


  • There is a water leak at a neighbour's house/driveway and they are away - can the council assist?

    If the occupant of the property is a Galway City Council tenant, the matter should be reporting to the Housing Maintenance section of Galway City Council on 091- 536849.

    If the property owner is not a Galway City Council tenant the following information may be of assistance.

    An unattended water leak can cause considerable damage inside a house. To limit potential damage, you should turn off the water supply on your mains stopcock. The mains stopcock is usually located on the footpath outside your property or on your driveway.

    If you have difficulty turning off your mains water supply you should report the issue to Irish Water on 1800 278 278 and they may be able to provide assistance

    The property owner is responsible for the repair of an internal water leak and any leaks that occur inside the property boundary.

    An internal water leak can sometimes be obvious externally, when water is dripping/gushing out of the overflow pipe, near the roof of a house. This may indicate that the water supply is filling the storage tank in the attic but the ball-cock (controls the water level) in the storage tank may be broken. You should contact your plumber to carry out repairs, preventing further water damage and water wastage.


  • I have a commercial property and there is a water leak at the meter, who should I contact?

    Irish Water is now your contact point for all water services queries including account management and billing

    Tel: 0818 778778 or www.water.ie